Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I spin too!

I just discovered a lot of unspun wool roving from many years ago in a closet. Wow! Looks like I did some kool-aid dyeing and I also have a nice large can of soft, natural brown wool locks. There are also a few skeins of yarn that I evidently spun. A friend just told me this winter that I gave her a hat many years ago that I spun and knitted. I'd forgotten all about it but she didn't!

I've been experimenting with spinning these the last few days. I have always just spun by feel, but I know there are techniques for getting what you want out of spinning. Much of this fiber feels sticky and is difficult to draft. Maybe it gets that way when it's old, maybe it just needs washing. My daughter tried to spin a little and got frustrated quickly. I just ordered some new fiber so we can both have an easier time of it.

Knitty's Broadripple

2/20/08-Finished! Only took a couple days to do the second one.

I estimate the beginning of this one as 2/12/08. I'm using Opal Rainforest 6-ply Flamingo. Nice, big yarn relative to what I've been using, and an easy-to-memorize design that is pleasing to watch as it grows. I've got no camera this week but will post photos when available. As of today, I have one sock done, and the second one is an inch tall. Although I meant these socks for me, I failed to wait for bigger needles and used a size 2, creating a perfect fit for my 9-year old daughter.

Coriolis of Caterpillar

My second start from New Pathways. I'm using Opal Rainforest Caterpillar (Raupe) for this one. I love the firm texture of this yarn. It doesn't split as I poke into it and after washing it is very soft and the fit gives a little. I find this pattern easy and relaxing to do, with just a little to think about as I work the band each row. The band does make it a little hard to pull over the heel to put on, but once on, all is well. Plenty of errors made this take a little longer. I made one foot too long and decided to knit a new toe after pulling out the excess. Also, I took the height down to just above the ankle and finished with a few rows of garter stitch and a tubular bind-off.
Started: 1/11/08
Finished 2/8/08

Cables & Corrugations

From Cat Bordhi's fantastic new book: New Pathways for Sock Knitters, I decide to begin a beautiful pattern using Jojoland Melody Yarn. The yarn is incredibly soft, and variegated randomly from what I can tell, so no color repeats. Unfortunately, as I arrived at the heel area, I realized that each skein was a different thickness, so I put away the weak sock to use in another project, and decide to finish the strong one later when I recover from the pain.
Date started: 1/9/08 according to photo information.
Date hibernated: 2/11/08.

Finished Jan 3rd

It wasn't so bad. I made the ankles really baggy as my feet swell. Actually, it's too loose and I don't like them. I may choose to redo the tops when the weather warms up and I want some cottony socks to wear. For now, on to more wooly things.