Monday, March 10, 2008

Bulky Cedar Finished

Done, only took about 3 days, including working all weekend. Very quick and very warm. I like how the stripes in the yarn show the architecture around the ankles. Also, they make my feet look small.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bulky Cedar Sock

One sock finished in about 8 hours, although I ripped it back to the heel to resize it. 2nd one coming soon!

As I was working, I noticed that it would fit in different ways: on the hand and backwards on the foot, leading to the possibility of other garments. Oh, and those quick homemade wool stitch markers? That gives me an idea: felt stitch markers, on the way!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cables & Corrugations

This sock is so beautiful! I have had many complications with this project. I had to abandon sock #2 as the yarn was thinner, and I bought a new skein to replace it. The new skein seems shinier and paler, although same dye lot. No matchy-matchy for me. I love this pattern so much I will have to do it again in a consistent yarn.

Opal Neon Coriolis

Opal Neon Coriolis
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These are for my daughter, and should become a Coriolis soon! I love this yarn, so colorful. Yes, I keep it in a dorky little purse from a thrift store.

Started sometime in February.

My feet are cold!

Bulky Socks
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I found some 20-year old stash yarn called Pingouin Meche Cendree. It is a 1-ply bulky wool much like Lopi. It's scratchy and will felt quite well. We got it at closeout prices in 1984 or so. I've made a few sweaters and hats of it. My mother knit me a blanket that's so heavy I can't use it so I will take it apart.

I will take this yarn and double-strandedly make a pair of house boots. I expect it to be very quick. I am looking at the New Pathways class socks and hope to make a 20-stitch sock with a cable up the top. I may felt them later for my daughter and make 20 more.

March Comes in Like...a sheep.

I just got my camera back, so here come lots of photos. I've been fairly diligent about getting some knitting things done, and I'm getting faster.

I have been strongly wishing for some natural-colored socks and just received an order from Copper Mosse on eBay:

Natural brown Corriedale, very soft, 8 oz:

Natural brown Shetland, not quite as soft, almost the same color as the corriedale, 4 oz:

Natural Coopworth, fairly soft, 8 oz:

Natural Jacob, not very soft but pretty nice, 8 oz:

Dyed wool roving, very very very soft, for my daughter to learn spinning, 4 oz: