Monday, June 9, 2008

Monkey Socks in Yarn Pirate Patina

I started on these immediately upon receiving my Yarn Pirate Booty Club. I wrapped my YO's the wrong way, so I didn't get the expected line of holes, but now I know better. Very comfortable socks and the shiny yarn feels great! Unfortunately, the size 2 needles make it a bit threadbare on the bottom and I fear they will wear out before they should. I've got leftover yarn to repair it, which will be another experiment. Started May 20, 2008, finished June 2, 2008.

I'm still trying!

Originally uploaded by virginia99

Originally uploaded by virginia99

I have redyed my yarn by tying off approximate 1/8's and dyeing alternating sections red. It actually looks nicer in the wound cake than I imagined it would.

I intend to knit on it as soon as I free up some needles.