Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My feet are cold!

Bulky Socks
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I found some 20-year old stash yarn called Pingouin Meche Cendree. It is a 1-ply bulky wool much like Lopi. It's scratchy and will felt quite well. We got it at closeout prices in 1984 or so. I've made a few sweaters and hats of it. My mother knit me a blanket that's so heavy I can't use it so I will take it apart.

I will take this yarn and double-strandedly make a pair of house boots. I expect it to be very quick. I am looking at the New Pathways class socks and hope to make a 20-stitch sock with a cable up the top. I may felt them later for my daughter and make 20 more.

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